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Skin Care Products with Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is an effective ingredient used in sunscreens. It is what makes sunscreen protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and keeps the skin from suffering damage. It prevents sunburn and premature aging too.

Known as the active ingredient in sunscreen, it works by absorbing the sun’s UV rays to keep it from penetrating deep into the layers of your skin. It reflects the radiation away to protect your while you’re outdoors, whether you are sunbathing, swimming, working in the yard or exercising.

While wearing a sunscreen with titanium dioxide doesn’t mean you can stay out longer in the sun, it does mean that you can be protected while you are exposed to sunlight. You’ll need to apply it in intervals to ensure your skin reaps the benefits of titanium dioxide. In this way, you can prevent sunburns which cause major damage to your skin and bring on the signs of aging. Over time, exposure to too much sun without protection can cause health problems like skin cancer as well as give skin an unattractive and leathery appearance.

Our bodies need sunlight because it provides vitamin D, which is essential to our good health. However, too much sunlight can be damaging. To enjoy the outdoors and the positive aspects of being in the sun, make sure you apply a sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide. It will protect and preserve your skin so you can enjoy the outdoors while still looking as young as ever.

Try these skincare products with titanium dioxide the next time you go outdoors!

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