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Skin Care Products to Treat Dark Spots

Dark spots, also known as age spots, are caused by an excess of melanin which is a dark brown or black pigment found in hair, skin, and eyes. These dark spots can develop all over the body including the face, hands, back, shoulders, and arms. Doctors have yet to be able to fully explain what causes this patchy darkening of the skin but have identified UV tanning beds as a major culprit. Aside from those who have had frequent exposure to tanning beds, people with fair skin or those over the age of 40 are also at risk of developing dark spots.

The good news about dark spots is that they are painless and pose no real health risk to you. If you are experiencing dark spots, you do not have to seek treatment unless you are looking to improve the look of your skin. People can combat dark spots though various treatments including laser surgery, prescription medication, or over the counter remedies. The appearance of dark spots can often be reduced without expensive treatments. When choosing over the counter products, look for ones that include ingredients such as glycolic acid which is the safest form of alpha hydroxy acid and helps with anti-aging.


Obagi Hydrate


Packed full of naturally derived ingredients such as avocado oil, mango butter, and shea butter, Obagi Hydrate facial moisturizer provides long lasting eight hour hydration and moisture protection to help rejuvenate skin, replenishing skin cells as it...

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