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Phytomer Skin Care

Phytomer has effectively utilized the power of marine biotechnologies - the use of marine micro-organisms to create new and naturally active ingredients. Newly innovative and highly technical, Phytomer's biochemistry originates from medical and pharmaceutical industries to formulate effective formulas that are simultaneously environmentally-friendly. Their Advanced Research Team has invented a whole new group of ingredients: EPS, XMF, and VMR, work as powerful anti-aging properties to provide skin with the most natural ingredients from the sea, producing results in as little as one hour.


With a foundation of three generations, Phytomer has consistently been manufacturing high-end products globally from Brittany, the heart of the marine world. The company has maintained an independent family business structure and is now lead by the CEO and founder's son. Phytomer currently employs an astounding number of nearly 200 employees at its head office in St. Malo, while its research facility is located in the world-renowned bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Phytomer has ensured the highest of qualities since 2012, and is amongst the first of cosmetic companies to be awarded with the ISO22716 certification for its prestigious manufacturing procedures.

Skin Care Treatments

Phytomer Homme Lift Performance Remodeling Contouring Concentrate is a lightweight emulsion that produces both a firming and contouring effect. It sculpts and redefines facial contours, decreases the double chin appearance, and produces an overall lifted look to the facial features. Phytomer Homme Lift may be effectively used individually on cleansed skin, or in conjunction with your normal skin care cream in the morning or evening.