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Epicuren Discovery Skin Care

Epicuren’s goal is to leave a lasting impression on this world using natural skincare, while also leaving the smallest footprint as possible. As an anti-aging, natural beauty brand that prioritizes results, Epicuren cares about the wellness of their customers and employees just as much as they do about the environment. The company believes that beauty comes in more than one form, so their approach to skincare is constantly in evolution. This natural beauty brand is always looking to discover the best ingredients while consistently adopting better methods in order to deliver the highest quality solutions for all skincare types and needs—using the most natural, efficient methods in the industry.


The beginning of Epicuren Discovery skin care started from pharmaceutical enzyme research that was used for decades, on severely damaged skin ranging from sun damage, burn victims, to other toxic environments. The formulations using protein enzymes encourage healing and help to improve the look of aging skin for a younger, brighter appearance. Today, Epicuren continues their revolutionary approach by using these findings and applying it into their full natural skin care line for both industry professionals and clients. Epicuren’s natural wellness products is available for everyone globally, to encourage ageless beauty and natural wellbeing.

Skin Care Treatments

After your bath or shower, finish your skin off with moisture-locking Epicuren Discovery Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer. This tropical and inviting natural aroma nourishes skin through a blend of exotic oils and natural emollients that keeps your skin infused with hydration and guard from dry skin. Smooth it on all over for an exquisite texture and fragrance that’s light and gentle enough for all skin types and enjoy whispers of that tropical coconut aroma all day long.